New Service Station

We know that you were waiting for this day as much as we were, so we are happy to give you this great news.
We continue to grow and in large part we owe it to our great and loyal customers. Therefore, we wanted to expand our services to be able to give a greater response to all of them.
Our hours are still from 07:00 - 22:00, 365 DAYS OF THE YEAR

Opening: October 19, 2020

What can you find in our new facilities?
• We have a STORE where you can find a variety of products (food, motor, hygiene, press and magazines and much more).
• Unleaded 95 Gasoline.
• Diesel A.
• Adblue.
• Laundry.

Of course, we remind you that we continue to maintain all protection measures against Covid-19.
What is the only thing you have to do to know all this?
To go to visit us!!
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